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Installation prices will always vary from project to project depending on the complexity of the installation and the components required.

However, while prices can range from £2,000 to £40,000, we find our average installation costs somewhere between £3,500 to £17,000.

Prices include VAT


Maintenance and service contracts are available upon request. These will need to be quoted for individually depending on the type of installation you have and service required.

Typically these contracts can include annual and bi-annual visits and cost from £150 to £500 per year.

Non planned maintenance and service from £130 depending on the type of installation and duration of time onsite.

Prices include VAT


Call out charges:

Mon-Sat (8:30-5:30) = £130

   Additional hourly rate = £30

Out of hours = £150

   Additional hourly rate = £40

A call out charge includes engineers travel to and from site, and the first hour of time required on site. After the first hour the additional hourly rate will be charged - However, over 90% of last years call outs, that did not require a return visit to replace parts, were fixed within the first hour.

While we can't always guarantee it, most of our call outs are attended by one senior and one junior engineer. This advantage of having two engineers attend site reduces time on site and allows us to fix many issues that would normally require a return visit. We also recognise that this is a safer way to operate.

Parts to be charged additionally as quoted.

Return visits charged at a discounted rate if returning with replacement part.

Prices include VAT

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